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Carter's House

About Carter's House

Carter’s House provides free children’s clothing and school uniforms to families in need.

Founded in 2013, Carter's House is the brainchild of our founder, Shawana O. Carter. She wanted to start this organization to help families in the same situation she and her family were in when they moved to the area. Putting two children in school and requiring uniforms can be costly, especially when she and her family live in transitional housing. She found out about the McKinney-Vento act and Project PASS, which helps families transition with school uniforms. This program was a blessing in disguise for her family, but it is only available to those in a housing crisis. Carter's House provides those that don't meet the housing stipulation for Project PASS. Our customers must verify that they are receiving assistance from the State in one of the following areas: SNAP, TANF, Medicaid, Childcare, or Housing. And if not, we have processes in place for those families to possibly still be eligible for services.

When we started, we thought this would be an occasional uniform given out. Yet, as the last seven years have progressed, we have seen a real need for our service in the community, and we are excited to help our community be a better place. Carter’s House has provided a one-of-kind shopping experience to over 5,500 children and teens with clothing, shoes, and more through our programs, major events, community events, and partner referrals. Through our services, the families have saved over $500,000.00.

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