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Credit Pluis Program Terms

1. Establishment of Account
Under the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, Seller and Buyer agree to the establishment of a revolving credit account (Account) under which Seller, at its option, agrees to permit Buyer to make purchases from time to time and to debit Buyer's Account for the cash price of each purchase and any related finance charges as provided for in this Agreement. Buyer agrees to make payments on the unpaid principal balance in the Account periodically as provided for in this Agreement, and agrees that all purchases made under this Agreement will be made on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and in any documents that evidence the purchases made under this Agreement that are incorporated by reference into this Agreement.

2. Maximum Amount
The unpaid principal balance in the Account may not exceed $200.00 at any one time.

3. Periodic Statement
Seller will provide Buyer with a statement as of the beginning or each calendar month in which there is any unpaid balance under this Agreement. The statement will include the unpaid balance at the beginning and end of the period; an identification of the goods purchased during the period, the cash purchase price, and the date of each purchase; any payments made by Buyer or other credits to Buyer during the period; and the amount of any finance charge.

4. Calculation of Finance Charge
A finance charge will be imposed at a rate of 0 percent a month. In calculating the amount of the finance charge, the rate will be applied to the unpaid balance at the beginning of the period. The balance to which the rate will be applied includes any arrearages or finance charges. For purposes of computing the finance charge, a month runs from one date in a month to the corresponding date in the following month, or, if there is no corresponding date, then to the last day of the following month. A day is considered 1/30th of a month if computation is made for a fraction of a month. If the finance charge as computed is less than $1 for any monthly period, a finance charge of $1 for the month will be imposed.

5. Payment and Delinquent Charges
Buyer agrees to pay an amount equal to the minimum payment as stated in the periodic statement by the due date provided in the periodic statement. If any payment is late by 3 days or more, a delinquent charge in the amount of $25.00 will be imposed. In no event will the delinquent charge for any one installment exceed 3.

6. Prepayment
Buyer may pay any part or all of the unpaid balance on the Account at any time. No prepayment charge will be imposed for any prepayment.

7. Governing Law
This agreement will be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Texas.

8. Cancellation
This Agreement may be cancelled at any time by either party giving written notice of cancellation to the other. Notice of cancellation shall not affect either the Buyer's obligation to repay any outstanding indebtedness to Seller or Seller's right to collect the indebtedness.