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Empowering The Masses

About Empowering The Masses

Tammy Johnson is dedicated to ‘Empowering the Masses’ through her nonprofit which provides everything from food to job training to the people of South and East Dallas.

We have over twenty years of experience in the Medical and Education Fields alone. We use this experience to advocate and promote training that will aide in job readiness.
We are providing basic needs, educational services and resources. It is our vision to help individuals gain self worth and financial independence. We strive for them to become self sufficient to improve their quality of life and the life within their community.

My goal is to provide education and access to basic needs so that no one will have to experience the same hardships that I experienced as a child I do believe wholeheartedly that I am who I am because I was exposed to so many opportunities. I was taught professionalism as well as work ethic and perseverance, I was given many opportunities to advance my education and taught the importance of breaking generational curses.

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