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Streaming TV is viewing live or on-demand content through the following:
  Smart TV : an internet-enabled TV connects direct to services & apps
  Puck, stick or dongle: examples include AppleTV, Amazon’s Fire Stick, Chromecast & others
  Gaming consoles including PlayStation4, Xbox & others
  Laptop, tablets & other mobile devices connected directly to programming or streaming sites

Your commercial can be served across ALL DEVICES.


Your commercial will reach the largest network of streaming TV inventory out there.

Premium content

Publishers that produce their own TV content National networks that people love and follow

Content distributors

Publishers or partners that own the rights to distribute TV content
Distributors have access to a variety of inventory that appeals to large audiences

Regional Networks

Connected TV (CTV) devices, including smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, PlayStation, etc.

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On the Large Screen

Just like a regular broadcast commercial, big screen or smart TV video content plays within a commercial break.

Differences from Traditional TV:
  There are typically fewer breaks during an on-demand or live program.
  There are fewer ad spots per break, which can help with brand recall.
  These are usually non-skippable
  Big screen ads usually have a completion rate of 90% or higher.

On the Small Screen

Streaming TV ads can play on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

These ads can play during a commercial break, before programming, in the middle or after programming.

Differences from Large Screen Streaming:
  These ads are sometimes skippable.
  There can be multiple ads on the page, depending on the viewer experience.
  Small screen ads usually have a completion rate of 50% or higher since it’s easier to close out of a browser or device vs. a big screen TV.


Auto Dealership utilizes Streaming TV and sees 1,500+ leads per month

Client Industry: Auto Dealership
Campaign Length - 3 months
Objective: The client wanted to increase their market share in their area
Challenge: Standing out among their competitors and gaining market share
Results: The dealer went from #4 in their market to #1, and increased their spend from $5,000 per month to $15,000 per month. They revealed they received over 1,500 leads per month from this platform.


Your commercial will reach the largest network of streaming TV inventory out there.


Our operations team is paid based on the success of your campaigns, and they are making frequent optimizations to increase performance and ROI.

Quality Settings

Our ads are served above the fold, focused on the top 5,000 websites, on pages with fewer than 6-8 ads, and served between 5am-12am only. This allows us to deliver to +98% human traffic.

Conversion Tracking

We are able to track up to 5 unique online conversions on any of our products. This could be a form fill, online purchase, or visits to a specific page on the site.


Our dashboard provides transparent reporting on all of the top metrics that matter to your clients – targeting elements, site list, geo, conversions, content targets, and more.


Streaming TV Advertisement are professional grade and are designed to promote branding and drive post impression conversions with view complition rates ranking from 50% - 90% depending on the devices targeted. As programmatic Display, we can customize targeting and delivery ased on the geographics, demographics, and behavioral attributes for precise targeting.

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The Select Prepaid Mastercard® is a new way to spend, for a new generation.