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Streaming TV Ads

Streaming TV Ads

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Streaming TV is designed to deliver professional grade video ads via over the top television devices, hand held streaming devices, and video on demand services.

Why use Streaming TV?

A quarter of all TV time is now on Streaming TV. If you want to make an impact on potential customers NOW, you should invest in Streaming TV. Nearly 85 million American households are reachable with ad-supported Streaming TV, and the average viewers are affluent and interested in buying. In fact, 40% of them have paused content to find out more or make a purchase, according to a recent study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. With access to the largest inventory in the Streaming TV space, our team is able to leverage your ad message to hit the right target today. These commercial-grade commercials can appear on a big screen, desktop, laptop or mobile device, reaching customers no matter where they are streaming.

According to a new study by The Trade Desk, 27% of U.S. cable TV subscribers plan to end their subscriptions by the end of 2021, which is nearly double from the 15% that did so in 2020 and a big jump from the 3% annual decline that eMarketer reported prior to 2020. Invest in Streaming TV today to get ahead of your competition and gain share of attention in this important consumer group.

= Streaming TV advertisements are professional grade and are designed to promote branding and awareness and drive post impressions conversions with view completions rates ranging from 50% - 90% depending on the devices targeted.

= Transparent results are available in our live dashboard, including on what websites your ads served, when they were seen and whether a customer took action, if conversions are enabled.

= Robust data elements - our dashboard can show which ads are garnering the most engagement and clicks.

= 5 conversion points are included in our tracking, allowing you to track engagement, interest and action.

= Campaign optimization - our campaign managers are incentivized to hit key KPIs like foot traffic and click-thru rates. This ensures a real human is paying attention to your campaign performance.

= Monthly Service


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