Mountainside Medical Equipment - Narcan Naloxone Overdose Reveral Medicine

Mountainside Medical Equipment - Narcan Naloxone Overdose Reveral Medicine

Mountainside Medical Equipment, Inc is a wholesale medical supplies company that has been serving nursing homes, hospitals, and doctor’s offices for over 40 years. With combined experience of over 100 years, we are experts when it comes to innovative medical products and medical supply knowledge. We offer discounted pricing, quick deliveries and exceptional customer service.
Mountainside Medical Equipment, Inc is a certified service disable veteran-owned small business that was established in June of 2002.
The history behind Mountainside Medical began with Marty Sr’s passion for helping others and treating patients while serving in the Vietnam War.  As a medic in the Army, he discovered the need to provide durable, high quality supplies.  After returning from the war, he expanded on his knowledge by working for various medical supply companies.  He engaged his son, MartyJr., with the same desire to help others.  Marty Jr. and Marty Sr. both worked for a small pharmacy distributing supplies to nursing homes in the Central NY area, for several years.  They built rapport and formed strong relationships with their customers.  When the business got bought out and they faced losing their jobs, they decided to use their experience and knowledge to create their own medical supply and equipment business.  

In 2002, Mountainside Medical Equipment, Inc. was founded.  They came from humble beginnings, as Marty Jr’s garage was used as a warehouse, his spare room as an office, and his Chevy Blazer as the delivery vehicle.  Because of Marty Sr’s connections, they were able to get set up with a medical distribution company to begin selling.   Nursing homes were their original focus, as they fostered their previous relationships.   Mountainside began to grow as business expanded and they proved to be competitive in the supply industry.  However, they never lost sight of their goal to provide durable products at a reasonable cost, exceptional product knowledge, and excellent customer service.   This is what embarked their success and reputation.  

Mountainside Medical stayed on top of medical industry trends and was insightful to shift their business online in 2006.  This critical decision has allowed them to stay ahead of competitors and even survive the industry where others have failed.  It is the ingenuity, dedication, and hard work that forged the company to where it is today.   Mountainside continues to grow and provide outstanding products that serve a need.  They form partnerships with leading brands and seek out safe, quality, innovative goods.  They continually leverage agreements with hundreds of medical manufacturers to offer low-cost, comprehensive solutions to a global healthcare market.  Being a Certified Service-Disable Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOB), gives them an advantage to pricing and contracts.  The team at Mountainside Medical Equipment consists team dedicated individuals that listen to your needs and give you the attention that you deserve.  Loyal customers are what makes them successful.   

“We owe much appreciation to our community, friends and family for joining us on this tremendous journey, and we strive to continue working with  you and that you’ll continue to be part of our story.”
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Narcan Naloxone Overdose Reveral Medicine

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