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We run multiple programs throughout the year at TR Hoover. Your sponsorship helps individuals in our community to grow and stand on their own feet, enabling further growth and development.


1. Digital Skills Program: Sponsorship of our Digital Skills Program equips individuals with essential digital literacy, enhancing their ability to navigate the modern digital landscape effectively. Participants receive a laptop for multiple training sessions aimed at elevating their computer skills.

2. Digital Literacy Program: By sponsoring our Digital Literacy Program, you provide access to foundational digital skills training, empowering individuals to confidently utilize digital tools for various purposes through a wide array of digital training sessions.

3. eSports Program: Support our eSports Program to foster community engagement and teamwork through competitive gaming, promoting a positive social outlet for participants. Participants join the team to practice gaming techniques and creativity, with opportunities to build their own games.

4. eSports League: Sponsorship of our eSports League contributes to the organization of competitive gaming events, fostering camaraderie and skill development among participants.

5. After School Program Activities: Your sponsorship of After School Program Activities enables us to offer enriching and constructive activities for children, promoting their holistic development outside of regular school hours.

6. STEM Education: Supporting our STEM Education initiatives helps inspire and educate the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators, fostering a passion for learning and problem-solving through hands-on fields and platforms.

7. Garden Program: Sponsorship of our Garden Program facilitates our community gardening initiatives, promoting environmental stewardship, healthy eating habits, and neighborhood beautification.

8. Youth Development Program: By sponsoring our Youth Development Program, you contribute to empowering young people with essential life skills, mentorship, digital skills, and opportunities for personal growth and leadership development.

9. Young Adult Development Program: Support our Young Adult Development Program to provide resources, training, and mentorship opportunities that help young adults transition into independent and successful members of the community.

10. Senior Digital Skill Program: Sponsorship of our Senior Digital Skill Program assists elderly members of the community in acquiring digital literacy skills, enabling them to stay connected, informed, and engaged in today's digital world.

11. Senior Activities Program: Your sponsorship of the Senior Activities Program enables us to provide meaningful and enjoyable activities for seniors, fostering social connections, mental stimulation, access to special resources, and overall well-being.

12. Career Path Support Program: Sponsor our Career Path Support Program to provide guidance, resources, and training opportunities that empower individuals to pursue their desired career paths and achieve professional success.

13. Job Support Program: Sponsorship of our Job Support Program facilitates job readiness training, employment assistance, resume building support, and resources that help individuals secure and maintain meaningful employment.

14. Summer Camp: By sponsoring our Summer Camp, you provide children and youth with enriching and memorable experiences, including outdoor activities, arts and crafts, sports, STEM, and hands-on educational workshops.15. Event: Support our events by becoming a sponsor, contributing to the success and impact of community gatherings, celebrations, and educational forums that bring people together and promote community cohesion. With multiple events every month, your sponsorship helps involve a wide range of people in our community, spreading brand awareness.

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